Anahata Yoga + 5 Element Form teacher and spiritual hypnotherapist based in Antwerp, Belgium.
Using both ancient and contemporary techniques, I guide people to explore their subconscious mind where true inner transformation is possible.

With private hypnotherapy sessions, I offer personal guidance into your subconscious, for integrating unprocessed emotions (trauma), releasing blockages and strengthening the connection to your inner wisdom (Higher Self). See

Through the ancient practices of Anahata Yoga + 5 Element Form, I offer classes and workshops that holistically awaken the energetic heart and your ability to perceive beyond physical matter.

In 2014 after a decade of (mindful) meditation practice that helped me cope with depression and anxiety rather than heal it, I came across the Anahata Yoga Tradition and a trance meditation technique called Yoga Nidra. Through practice, I changed. I reconnected with deep inner sources of happiness that I couldn’t imagine was possible. Wanting to understand how yoga nidra worked opened curiosity for the deeper psychology of the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy and trance. A procession of course-taking and book-reading took place. All involving techniques of Spiritual hypnotherapy; Western hypnosis protocols that emphasise a connection with the Higher Awareness, universal consciousness and ability to channel supra-conscious information for healing and integration. I fell in love with serenading journeys into deep-trance and found my calling. Though potent, spiritual hypnotherapy techniques can be lengthy. They are great for integrating the energetic fractures of trauma but not always effective at processing their biochemical imprints. After working with several clients, another procession of course-taking followed. This time about the subconscious psychology of trauma and the biochemistry that links body and mind (psycho-sensory). As this journey unfolds, I’ve discovered that much of contemporary science validates and enriches the practices of the Anahata Yoga Tradition. Since early civilisation, humans have developed techniques to access their deeper mind and spirit for learning, transforming beliefs and perception, healing and exploring the spiritual self.


2020 Carcinos (supportive hypnosis for illness, stress & cancer), Ina Oostrom

2020 Havening Techniques, Stephen Travers

2020 Hypnokids, OMNI, Ina Oostrom en Ayla Oostrom

2020 Hypnowaving (EMDR) , Parts Therapy OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom

2020 Reiki Second Degree, Usui Shiki Rhyoho, Kathy Melcher + Frank Coppieters.

2019 HypnoCell, OMNI Hypnotherapy, Erich Walker,

2019 Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis, Deep states and the Superconscious, Christophe Dierckx,

2019 ANAHATA yoga, Nhada Yoga (mantra yoga), Peter Clifford,

2018 ANAHATA Yoga, Nyasa + Yoga Psychology, Peter Clifford

2018 OMNI Hypnotherapy, Ina Oostrom,

2017 Level 1 QHHT Practitioner, Dolores Cannon

2016 Yoga Teachers Training 200 ANAHATA Yoga + 5 Element Form, Peter Clifford

2014 Yoga Teachers Training 200 + Children’s Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Santosha Yoga Institute Bali