I’m an Anahata Yoga teacher and hypnotherapist based in Antwerp, Belgium. I guide people into naturally induced (no drugs) trance, where true inner transformation is possible.

I grew up in the post colonial 3rd world (Indonesia, Burkina, Pakistan) in cultures where the importance of Spirit (in its plethora of forms) was/is not questioned. Physical illness or emotional unhappiness cannot be understood or changed without also considering Spirit or the ‘non-physical’. This includes, conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions create an energetic imprint that effect the way we experience our reality and ourselves.

As a teenager I moved to the Netherlands. For the first time I followed the lifestyle and accepted the beliefs of a culture disconnected from Spirit and I fell into a depression. I realised I had a choice. I could choose a lifestyle and reality in which Spirit did not matter or I could choose a lifestyle and reality in which Spirit was important. One choice would lead me to depression, the other allowed me to feel whole. It was not a matter of being ‘right’ or proving anything. It was a matter of understanding that what I chose to believe effected my reality, my possibilities and my abilities.The journey of unraveling and creating beliefs and experiences lead me to the Anahata Yoga Tradition, an ancient trance-science practice passed on (tested) through many centuries. My eagerness to understand these practices from a more contemporary mindset lead me to hypnotherapy, a new trance science practice, not as holistic as yoga but efficient in other ways.

The combined training in Anahata Yoga; an ancient self improvement practice and hypnotherapy; a contemporary self improvement practice, gives me a unique perspective into both the ancient yoga practices and  hypnotherapy techniques.

I also explore other modalities of transforming through body and mind ie; sound healing, reiki, herbalism. I see that entering a trance state is the crucial element for inner transformation, no matter what the modality is. You can strengthen the efficacy of every holistic healing modality by applying trance and hypnosis.

Trance is hypnosis and the true meditative state (not mindfulness). In trance you access your subconscious mind for inner transformation, releasing beliefs, healing emotions and learning. (All those need to happen in your subconscious.) The state of trance is a natural ability you have, right now. It is designed for you to rebalance your body and mind and to have access to an intelligence, an awareness beyond your limited cognitive thoughts. You can use this state to heal and you can use it to grow.

The Anahata Yoga tradition that I practice and teach is an ancient self-improvement system that has had thousands of years to evolve. It is a tantric tradition, passed through a lineage from the Kamakhya Temple in Assam, India. It provides a tried and tested template for your inner evolution to happen holistically. The foundational intention of the practices is opening the energetic heart, Anahata Chakra. It is believed that Anahata Chakra is where the divine masculine and divine feminine unite and transcend duality. (BOTH male and female rise together)

If you are in Antwerp and interested in Anahata Yoga visit www.5elementmovement.com

My hypnotherapy training enables me to explain in contemporary scientific understanding, how these practices effect your (subconscious) mind. It also enables me to understand how certain yoga techniques are used to induce trance states, for what purposes and how to use them for modern life. When you understand what you practice, it becomes easier. Fun fact: western hypnotherapy has its roots in India.

My foundational hypnotherapy training is from the OMNI hypnosis institute which is actively doing clinical and medical trials and research into hypnosis. I’ve also done multiple master courses in trauma-releasing techniques and spiritual hypnotherapy techniques. Scroll down for the CV.

My yoga training adds a holistic perspective to my hypnotherapy practice. Yoga’s understanding of trance goes further than what modern science consensus is ready to explain. In yoga we see a mind as capable of more than thought and a human as more than a physical body. There is an energy body, mental body, astral body and spirit body as well. These all effect one another. And the beautiful thing is, you have insight into all these bodies in hypnosis. Sometimes it is necessary to go deeper than the mind, deeper than the emotion, into Spirit and energy. 

Estu is an old Javanese word meaning ; true, real or authentic.

It’s my middle name and here’s a funny story how I got it. 5 years before I was born my parents went backpacking in Austria. They stayed at a youth hostel where they met a young Croatian girl called Prana. Prana had such a beautiful smile that my mother decided to name her future daughter Prana as well. When I was born my father looked up the meaning ‘life energy’ and agreed to it on 1 condition. That my 2nd name would be Estu ‘real’ to counterbalance the ‘floaty’ meaning of the first name. 

And so this prophetic name acquisition is a good analogy of my teaching style. Energy and spirit is great but it needs to be balanced with ‘realness’,  grounded understanding and experiential practice.


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