Altered States Basics

The language of the higher awareness (Step 3/3 altered states basics)

Communicating with your Higher Awareness requires creating a language that translates information from the Subconscious into the normal conscious mind.  Normal conscious awareness vs subconscious awareness.Your normal conscious mind helps you function in the linear time dimension. It understands chronological time, verbal language, logic, labels, analysis. Your subconscious mind is designed to pick-up and store …

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The induction (Step 2/3 altered states basics)

A magician never reveals her secrets.A scientist always does. An induction into hypnosis is the series of steps you take to enter hypnosis. You can take a magical path using an ‘indirect induction’, long, winding, imaginative and full of distractions that might cause delay. Imagination, relaxation, dream state and sleep are all NOT hypnosis. They can …

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Create space (Step 1/3 altered states basics)

FREE PDF Download, Create Space Workshop Breath begins with the exhalation, the space creation.The deeper you exhale , the deeper you inhale.The size and quality of the exhalation determines the size and quality of the entire breath.Whatever you want to breathe into manifestation, first requires a space equal to its quality. We inhabit ( hold space …

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Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis, to transform your subconscious mind; (your limiting beliefs, your unprocessed trauma etc.) It’s intention is to empower you, through showing you how to access and change your deeper mind.

A hypnotherapist guides you to enter hypnosis and navigate the process. You do not loose your willpower, you stay conscious. By choosing to follow the instructions, you enter hypnosis YOURSELF and are responsible for your own change.

There are situations in which ‘hypnosis techniques’ can be manipulative, ie. movies, media, advertisements etc. Those methods are NOT considered ‘hypnotherapy’. Those are mind control or mind manipulation techniques which are not always applied with your full consent. They do not empower you. To reverse the effects of mind manipulation, you can learn self-hypnosis, access your subconscious yourself and reclaim your power.

Since the beginning of mankind, trance (hypnosis) has been used to access Spirit.

Spiritual hypnotherapy is based on the understanding that the belief in a Higher Awareness creates the experience of a Higher Awareness. Connecting with this Higher Awareness is both powerful and self-empowering. It opens a world of positive possibilities for navigating hypnosis.

A human is seen as more than a physical body capable of thought and emotion. We have a divine soul and the ability to access beautiful states of ‘Higher Mind’ and information/energy.

Your subconscious mind is not rational, logical or linear. It does not ‘think’.
It is intuitive, instinctive, it ‘senses’ and usually tells a very different story than your rational, linear thinking.

Your subconscious stores information and associations in a way that has been important to your survival.

The associations that were important to your survival when you were a child, a teenager, or when you were experiencing life challenges or trauma might no longer be necessary and may be limiting you. So it’s useful to change this for your personal growth. Facts and past experiences will not change. The emotional charge and associations surrounding the past experience will change.


The more willing you are to enter hypnosis, the more beneficial it will be becasue ultimately YOU are the one who will enter trance and allow the change.

Here is an overview of common situations hypnotherapy can help:

A deeper meditation practice
More focus on daily tasks
Improve the way your mind effects and connects to your body
De-stress the mind and body
Better sleep

Mental support in the physical healing process
Regenerate the mind and body
Pain management
Improve physical performance
Connecting with cellular consciousness, epigenetics

Releasing fear, confusion, trauma, triggers and attachment.
Releasing the emotional causes of physical issues.

Aligning with your life purpose
Tapping into subtle, powerful realms of consciousness
Energetic activation
Support in your spiritual evolution, transcending ego
Support in the death process
Astral, dimensional exploration
Strengthening inner tools for navigating energy, light body, astral dimensions and beyond

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your hypnosis guide. In the menu is a link to my bio & CV for more background information of my training. Feel free to request a phone call before booking a session.

In a 1 on 1 session with a hypnotherapist, everything in the session from the induction, exploration, transformation techniques and final integration is tailored to your rythm and your specific needs. This simply isn’t possible in a pre-recorded audio.

Studies have shown that mental intelligence, mental discipline and the ability to follow instructions makes it easier for you to enter hypnosis.

The induction (guidance into hypnosis) I use is gradual (step by step). In this way your conscious, critical mind familiarises itself with the process. The familiarisation allows for more understanding and less resistance. Your critical thinking kicks in when you experience something new. (This is what it is designed to do! It wants to understand and keep you safe.) It will definitely kick in from time to time, even when you are in hypnosis.
Using the state of relaxation in deep levels of trance helps keep the critical mind at ease and not take over your experience.

This is also why PRACTICING after your session is important! Your critical, conscious mind familiarises itself with the process, it begins to understand about the subconscious part of your mind and how to relate/work with it. You basically train it to become your hypnotherapist :) If your meditation/self-hypnosis practice evolves to astral traveling and channeling, it is your critical mind that aligns your intention like a laser, and integrates the information you channel.

The Simpson Protocol is very different to regression therapy and QHHT(which focuses a lot on regression). It works with the deepest possible state of trance that you can enter. It is mostly non-verbal so that you can maintain deep trance and so that your analytical mind isn’t too activated. (You can analyse the session after the session, you will remember it!) Working with the Higher Self in this way allows many more things to happen in a session than just regression! 

Everyone is different, there are also hundreds of hypnosis techniques. Not all inductions(guidance into hypnosis) are effective for everyone. I have taken several courses by now, so I have a quite a few tools in by tool belt. In the beginning this was not the case! Perhaps not using the right induction for you is why your regression didn’t seem to work.

Experiencing hypnosis is a lot like learning a new language. You don’t go to you first Spanish class and say : “I went to a Spanish class once. I couldn’t really speak it, so I’m not convinced Spanish is a language that I can learn.”  This is why a 2nd session is recommended for people who are very new to hypnosis and meditation. It reaffirms the process, goes deeper and gives the opportunity to fine tune techniques that WILL work for you. Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way.

YES.  It’s really possible to resolve underlying challenges in 1-3 sessions. 

Keep in mind, practicing at home after a session is a very important part of the process! Because the word ‘meditation’ is so much more popular than ‘hypnosis’ I sometimes call hypnosis ‘transformative-meditation’. In that way your home-practice is your meditation-practice. They truly work the same way. You will be learning a skill that will be valuable to you for your entire life. 

(I and many other hypnotists around the world experience time and time again, that pain and issues that clients have been carrying around for years dissolve in a single session. This is not a guarantee however. Results vary greatly depending on the situation.) 

The techniques are simple and have been tried and tested worldwide for many years. They have evolved to be efficient. We go to the origins of an issue in the subconscious and resolve it there. We don’t cover up the symptoms, create or analyse stories.-Your Higher Intelligence works really fast :).  A lot of communication happens non verbally.-I work with OMNI direct hypnosis techniques. The OMNI hypnosis institute frequently participates in clinical studies and trials of hypnosis which ensures their quality and understanding of hypnosis. Erich Walker (HypnoCell) and Ines Simpson (Simpson Protocol) whose methods I like to combine are both highly acclaimed OMNI hypnotherapists.-

Success of a breakthrough session depends on how much YOU get involved with the process and allow in. It takes willpower. My job is to help you and guide you step by step through the process. 

NO. Because :

-It’s your choice to enter and stay in hypnosis. -You can exit any moment you wish.- I guide you, but cannot make you do anything against your will.-

– In hypnosis you are 2-3 times more alert than you are now, as you are reading this text.

-Your subconscious has an inbuilt protection system. It wants to keep you safe. It will only accept suggestions that will keep you safe.

-My intention is that YOU experience, realise, know your inner power and use it to transform yourself.


It is a natural process and ability that your mind has right now. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state of mind because you never loose awareness and you never loose your power of freewill.

This depends on what you choose to believe. What is determined, is that your mind and beliefs are powerful, so even if your Superconscious is something you created in your mind, it is powerful and can influence you and your wellbeing. It is also determined that in a state of trance you are able to let go of your limited perspectives, allowing your awareness, your intelligence to ‘see the bigger picture’ and new possibilities. ‘Seeing the bigger picture’ is your Superconscious.


QHHT is a beautiful technique that requires a lot of verbal communication. But for a strong connection with the Higher Self you need a deep state of trance. Most people (without practice) find it difficult to stay deep when they are speaking because the analytical mind kicks in and with it comes (self) doubt and preconditioned thought patterns. QHHT is more suitable and effective if you are already familiar with hypnosis, trance or deep meditation. I do not recommend it as a 1st session. I am willing to facilitate it on a 2nd session or if you already have experience. Send me an email :)

You may request a consultation via zoom.

I will only conduct zoom hypnosis sessions once I am confident that you have sufficiently mastered the skills of entering and exiting trance on your own. Otherwise I have no way of determining whether we are truly working in your subconscious or just practicing creative visualisations. -It’s impossible for me to correctly determine the depth of your trance without appropriate physical testing. (I could test intuitively but I like concrete physical clues and cues)-If you are inexperienced with trance, there are certain risks associated by me not being present in the room with you. There’s also a bigger chance that you won’t go deep enough and it would be a waist of both our time. –

For online sessions, full payment in advance is required to confirm the booking. Payment options will be sent within 3 days of booking. You will receive a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours before the session.

A session does not replace medical advice or treatment.

Time zone : Central European Time (CET)