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Corona & Sessions

The corona lockdown regulations effect the way I conduct sessions.
Hypnotherapy does not require contact.
HOWEVER, the protocol I use works best with contact. ie. touch on the shoulder, tap on the forehead, touch on the hand.
This contact is used for testing the level of trance and helping you navigate your subconscious. During the lockdown none of this is allowed and I am limited.
I recommend you book a session after the lockdown if you would prefer a session in which I am not limited by these contact restriction.

How do I book an appointment?

Classes at Studio Lijf must be booked through their website:

For private sessions: 

– or send me an E-mail :
– or send me a message. I also have signal app :  +32 (0)477068997

You must be 18 years old or more.
Please read the Client Agreement.
Find more info on the Hypnotherapy page.

IMPORTANT : A hypnosis session never replaces a visit to the doctor, physio or psychologist. Before booking make sure your illness is assessed by a trained medical professional. I do not make any diagnoses.

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