“A journey of a thousand miles is taken one step at a time.”
But for efficient navigation, the first step is not outwards. It is inwards.

Your Human Being Vehicle.
You are sophisticated technology. You navigate life through the multidimensional vehicle of your Human Body and Being. You are more sophisticated than the machine you are staring at. Every morning you wake up and start your multidimensional vehicle. It’s like starting a car. You embark on a journey. So, how do you start your vehicle and navigate your journey?

Habits are automised behaviour intended for efficiency.
There is a ‘learning curve’ for every new procedure or skill you learn. I would like to remind you that you were not born with the ability to laugh, walk or speak language. It took you weeks or years to learn these things by observing and interacting with your environment. Yet now, you probably consider them ‘natural’. (There are a few humans who did not or could not learn these skills and do not consider them natural.) The time, effort and lack of results experienced in the learning process feels the opposite of efficient. This is the ‘learning curve’. Once this initial process is over, the procedure becomes automatic. It is a habit. It is unconscious. It feels ‘natural’. A lot of what feels natural is actually past programming of your subconscious. This is why new programming may feel ‘unnatural’ during the ‘learning curve’. This is also why I do not recommend a morning practice, but rather, a morning HABIT.

Destinations or goals are external experiences.
You may or may not have a destination or goal. You may or may not WANT to have a destination or goal. Either way, the first step is inward.

Internally, destinations do not exist. You are always : Here.
You express through intention. Internally there is no separation between you and your intention. 
Even if your intention is nothing, even if it is unconsciously allowing unconsciousness, conflicting, even if it is being in the not knowing, or complete bliss with the fullness of the moment and what is. It is still your intention and you are with it. (You can have all sorts of intentions, conscious, unconscious, practical, fantastical, primal etc.) Since your intention is always where your are. It would make sense to look at it, would it not? And it would make sense to align your actions, plans, external destination and goals, with your intentions, would it not? And if you have no (aspirations for an) external destination, then you are still : Here. With an intention.

You have unrestricted unlimited choice of intentions. Your intentions are usually chosen based on your personal beliefs of who and what you are. You can believe and un-believe beliefs of who you are. And it’s exactly this type of existential questioning that shouldn’t take place in an efficient morning habit.

So let’s phrase it this way:
You can choose to evolve and with that comes the evolution of understanding who and what you are.


With these (and many more) considerations, I have condensed a morning habit as follows :
Every morning when you wake up, or start your day perform these inner exercises in this order. At the very least take simple notes along the way. When you have time, feel free to elaborate and dive deeper into each element of the process. ie move to music, make a vision board, altar etc. 

1. Dream
Remember your dream. Remembering your dream, improves memory retention, connects you with your subconscious and higher mind. Your brain never stops working as you sleep, perhaps answers and insights were presented to you through your dream. (When you have time, write down your dreams in a dream journal. Remembering the details is great for the brain and fun to read in the future.)

2. Thank & Practice Self-Love
Activate heart coherence by doing a heart-centered or gratitude meditation. Heart coherence optimises both your physical and energetic body. It establishes mental clarity, emotional balance, steady energy for action. It brings you into 5D reality. (If you realise you need to work on self-love, make that your main intention until it’s fully realised. Here’s my Gratitude meditation video.)

3. Create
Visualise a fantastic, exciting reality you want to experience in your lifetime, your destination or goal. Allow your imagination to go wild. Practice allowing your mind and energy to reach beyond its perceived limitations. This stimulates creative and curious brain behaviour. Imagination grows your brain. Be in your imagined reality as if there was no time/space/work effort/logical separation. What does it feel like?

4. Evolve
Ask yourself how you will need to evolve to get to your destination. What adjustments will you need to make? What skills will you need to learn? What emotional baggage do you no longer carry? Which beliefs no longer apply? And if you realise you don’t have a destination (anymore), sometimes that happens, amplify your gratitude for being : Here. Exactly where your intention is.

5. Today
Now you know your path. What are the 6 most effective tasks to do TODAY that align with this path you have created? Choose 3 activities for personal development and 3 activities for work or goals. 1 and 2 should always be : 1. Evolve your intellect through new knowledge and 2. Exercise. Choosing 6 achievable daily tasks, knowing that they are energetically and practically aligned with your intention and destination allows you to perform them with ease and confidence. It sets up a resilient habit for long-term success.

6. Be
Once you know your tasks for the day, close your eyes, visualise who you need to be on that day to achieve these tasks. Invite that part of you in. Visualise all the steps it takes to perform each activity. Bless and start your day.

Every evening, before sleep, practice forgiveness of yourself and others. What did you learn? There are no mistakes when you choose to learn from them. Releasing yourself from stress, judgment and guilt allows you to rest deeply and reset for tomorrow’s journey.

Watch this video to learn how to make a workbook that accompanies this practice. It also includes a handy TO-DO list prioritising practice.

How this Daily Alignment Habit came to be:
In my first year of being a mother, 5 years ago.
 I no longer had time for my usual elaborate morning routine, of journaling, meditations, yoga sequences, reading, contemplating, analysing and dreaming (I was sleep deprived). I was recovering from emergency surgery, overwhelmed, short on money and felt stuck. So I decided to create a morning HABIT. HABIT = automised behaviour. I analysed the science behind certain morning practices I was already familiar with, got rid of embellishments. I learned how habits are formed consciously and evolve to unconscious automised behaviour. (I was not a hypnotherapist at the time, but this definitely put me on that path.) My goal was to have a morning practice that was a soul-centred, law of attraction, action plan for choosing and optimizing the ability to take action. For creating a mindset of learning and evolving. I made a morning practice checklist. The checklist became a template, that I go through every day. The template can be done within 5 min. It can be expanded into 2 hours (in some childless reality).

When I started this morning practicing. It helped me priorities self-care, education (education will unstuck you and open your reality) and gain clarity on my goals.. Now, I have clear goals. I see the (potentially many) steps I need to take and I don’t feel overwhelmed. This practice helps me prioritise space for curiosity and welcome unexpected events with excitement. 

After doing several private session with clients, a very common question was always, “What meditation practice do you recommend?” My answer was always ‘Heart-coherence, self-love and gratitude. Everyday.” But the truth was and is, that if you want to realise external goals, you need to take aligned action. Every day. I designed the morning practice checklist into a workbook for handing out to private clients. That workbook is now in the Tool Shop.

A bajillion credits  go out to a bajillion humans who have studied, practiced and shared all the various elements of this morning practice. Impossible to name and list them all.

FREE PDF Download, Daily Alignment Bookmark
The PDF contains the intro page, example spread and daily template in bookmark form for creating a workbook to accompany this Daily Morning Habit.

Daily Practice

Daily Alignment Habit

FREE PDF Download, Daily Alignment Bookmark “A journey of a thousand miles is taken one step at a time.”But for efficient navigation, the first step is not

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