Higher Self Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis technique that is guided by your Higher Intelligence.
(For more information on spiritual hypnotherapy read the Hypnotherapy FAQ.)

In this session we loosely follow the award winning ‘Simpson Protocol’ template, which is a system of hypnosis that joins western insight of the subconscious with shamanic journeying and knowledge of the non-physical dimensions ie. soul, past life, akashic records, bardo level.

Ines Simpson, developed the ‘Simpson Protocol’ together with her native Canadian shaman friend. The intention is that instead of the Shaman journeying on your behalf. YOU enter trance and experience an alchemical journey.

This session is mostly non-verbal. Which makes it easier for you to maintain a deep trance and there’s no pressure for you to explain with words what you don’t feel you need to explain with words.

The template we follow consists of about 50 closed questions, that can either be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You reply these questions through an agreed body signal (usually a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ finger)

The questions have a specific order, based on the shamanic journey/healing system. The order is designed to shift your energy. The broad scope of the questions allows a wide range of topics to be covered in one session. This makes it an excellent foundational session.

You will be given ‘anchors’ or ‘anchor words’ for continuing your practice and transformation at home.

Whenever the situation calls for it (to help with a block or to bring insight), I include other hypnosis techniques into the protocol.


What is most important for a session is your readiness and willingness to enter deep trance and experience the alchemical process. The more ‘willing’ you are the deeper you go. I am simply a guide.

Because almost everything in your life requires your subconscious mind(it contains 90% of you knowledge/memories/beliefs/emotions). Hypnotherapy can be used for many challenges.

Some people come for a session because they have ‘challenges’ or unprocessed trauma they wish to resolve or gain insight on.
Some people are just curious to experience what is possible.
Some people come because they wish to develop particular skill(s) (journeying, chakra opening, stronger connection with Higher Self)

After a short pre-talk and introduction, you will be guided into hypnosis.

-You will experience different levels of trance, you will go to the deepest level that you can. (With practice you can always go deeper.)
-Connect with your Higher Self.
-Be guided to different points of your consciousness (soul, akashic records, past life, early life, etc)
-Be guided to transform different causes relating to your issue.
-You will learn self hypnosis, anchor words to navigate different levels of hypnosis at home.
   The 4 foundational anchors are :
     – ‘Peace’ : Light level of trance, light meditation, inner focus.
     – ‘Deep’ : Deep level of trance, deep relaxation, faster regeneration, experience anesthesia and pain management.
     – ‘High’ : Connection with your Higher Awareness. From here you connect to higher levels of consciousness, soul, spirit guides, dimensions etc
     – ‘Heart’ : Heart coherence and activation. Cellular intelligence and epigenetics.
     – (You may receive more anchor words, depending on your unique session.)

Wear very comfortable clothing. Eat a small meal. No drugs or alcohol. Reflect on your intention and reason for coming. Share it with me at the session. The more I understand your intention, the better I can guide. Understand that a session does not replace medical advice or treatment.

I’m ready to book my session.

You must be 18 years old or more and agree to this Client Agreement.

Contact me if you can’t find a suitable time in the booking widget and if you have any questions!
Via email : info@estu.space
Send me a message. I also have whatsapp : +32 (0)477068997

If you request a phone call, send me a message so we can agree on a time! This is free of charge. (I am not always available by phone.)


First session costs : €180 and lasts about 4 hours.
All following sessions cost €120 and last 3 hours.

Payment in € cash / € mobile-payment app.
For people with financial difficulties sliding scale is always open for negotiation.


A hypnosis session with me does not replace a visit to a medically trained professional. If you are in therapy or taking medication, consult your doctor first. 


Address :
Populierenlaan 32
2020 Antwerp, Belgium

Free parking is available all over the neighbourhood.

Tram 2 stops at ‘Olympiade’. Tram 6 stops at ‘P&R Olympiade’
Velo Antwerpen are parked at the corner.


– You may wear a mask, but this is not required.
– I ensure that all the used areas are disinfected before and after each client.

I conduct the sessions at my private home.
If any of the statements below apply to either of us, the session will be canceled at any time, with no extra charge.
– Experience of any of these (light) symptoms within the past 24 hours. : congested nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, tightness of the chest, raised body temperature, sudden loss of smell and/or taste.
– Have come into contact with housemates or family members that have experienced the above symptoms in the past 24 hrs.
– In the past 7 days, have verified (with a laboratory test) that you have the new coronavirus.
– In the past 14 days, have housemates or family members that have verified (with a laboratory test) that they have the new corona virus.
– Are in a 14 day quarantine because you have come into direct contact with someone who has been verified to have the new corona virus.