Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis, to transform your subconscious. A hypnotherapist GUIDES you to enter hypnosis and helps you navigate the process. By choosing to follow the instructions, you enter hypnosis YOURSELF, and make the changes you want to make.  You are conscious EVERY step of the way. It’s a myth that you loose your awareness during hypnotherapy. In fact, you gain MORE AWARENESS by being able to access your subconscious (90% of who you are.)
There are techniques in which ‘hypnosis’ can be tricked onto you, ie. movies, media, advertisements etc. This is not hypnotherapy this is mind control or mind manipulation. To reverse the effects of mind control, you can learn self-hypnosis, access your subconscious yourself, reprogram your mind and reclaim your power.

Your subconscious is not rational, logical or linear. It does not ‘think’. It is intuitive, it ‘feels’ and it does not experience linear time. It usually tells a very different story than your rational, linear thinking. Your subconscious simply stores information in a way that it feels is important to your survival and personality. It does not judge information to be good or bad, the way your normal consciousness would.

The information that was important to you and your survival when you were a child, a teenager, or when you were experiencing life challenges or trauma might no longer be necessary. Which is why it is useful to change the information in our subconscious for personal growth and evolution. Facts and past experiences will not change. The emotional charge and associations surrounding the past experience will change.
Real meditation (not mindfulness) does this. This is why daily meditation improves the quality of your mental state and life.

There are a variety of situations where hypnotherapy may be useful. From improving daily chores and tasks, releasing deep emotional trauma , support in physical healing, to astral traveling, transcending the ego and spiritual awakening.  What they have in common is the need for change in the subconscious (90% of who you are). 

Hypnotherapy is not done to you. You are guided to transform yourself. When you consider a hypnotherapy session ask yourself,
“Am I open to exploring my subconscious and to learning and PRACTICING the skills to make changes?”

Here is an overview of common situations hypnotherapy can help:

A deeper meditation practice
More focus on daily tasks
Improve the way your mind effects and connects to your body
Destress the mind and body
Better sleep

Mental support in the physical healing process
Regenerate the mind and body
Pain management
Improve physical performance
Connecting with cellular consciousness, epigenetics

Releasing fear, confusion, trauma, triggers and attachment.
Releasing the emotional causes of physical issues.

Aligning with your life purpose
Tapping into subtle, powerful realms of consciousness
Energetic activations
Support in your spiritual evolution, transcending ego
Support in the death process
Astral, dimensional exploration
Strengthening inner tools for navigating energy, light body, astral dimensions and beyond

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your hypnosis guide. In the menu is a link to my bio & CV for more background information of my training. Here I will share my personal approach.

What I love about hypnotherapy is that it grounds ancient trance healing practices into science. The experience of hypnosis may require a leap of faith and take you on a journey of consciousness, but the science allows the technical process to be clear, consistent and reliable. I choose my hypnosis training from centers that are committed to scientific research and evolving their techniques. I believe in the benefits of ‘spiritual’ experiences and expanding your consciousness. You don’t have to be into spirituality or practice it to come to a session with me, but if the idea puts you off, I probably am not the right hypnotherapist for you. 

I believe in spiritual sovereignty. I am not a ‘healer’ . I guide you to your own innate healing abilities. My preferred method of hypnosis is guiding you to states of restorative relaxation and connecting with your Higher Wisdom that will give you the insight that you seek.
I am not medically trained. What this means is that I cannot diagnose a disease or recommend treatment. However if you have your diagnosis (from a medical professional) I am trained to find the root emotional/energetic cause in your subconscious. I can teach you the skills you need for transforming your subconscious.

I practice Anahata (heart) yoga. It is an ancient tradition of heart-coherence. When heart-coherence (energetic heart) is established, it has a multidimensional effect (from physical to energetic).  Facing the darkest deepest corners of your psyche becomes safe. You have the strength and ability to transform and integrate fractured aspects. I see the wisdom of the Anahata yoga tradition as a protection from spiritual recklessness. As a result of this practice, I have 0 fear to go wherever your session needs to go. I have unwavering focus and compassion. I say this with complete confidence because I have experienced personally that when the realisation happens that the mind is completely malleable,  heart intelligence provides the necessary foundation to fall on.

In a 1 on 1 private session a hypnotherapist adjusts the tempo and flow of entering trance to your individual rhythm, needs and abilities. This allows for a very ‘tailored’ experience to suit your goals or intentions for the session. Having a hypnotherapist to guide also opens up room for isolating specific causes of a challenge or issue you may want to work on.

With a guided audio, this simply isn’t possible. You will need to follow the rhythm of the audio. There is no room for on the spot adjustments to suit your individual needs. If you do not align with the flow of the audio, no hypnosis, no transformation of the subconscious takes place.

During a 1 on1 session you will gain the knowledge, skills and experience to navigate trance and continue your evolution at home. This will take practice! Even after some practice you will find that seeing a hypnotherapist is like getting a massage. There are always some spots within yourself that are easier to reach with the help of a professional guide. (As a hypnotherapist, I visit hypnotherapists from time to time.)

The first session is to give you a strong foundation in navigating hypnosis; To go as deep as possible, to cover as many causes as possible and to learn basic anchors/skills to continue your evolution at home. You can use these skills on any area of your life you wish to work on and in many different healing methods outside of the session.

If you are fully open and committed to the process and to PRACTICING your new skills after the session, 1 session is enough.

In the  session:
-You will experience different levels of trance, you will go to the deepest level that you can. (With practice you can always go deeper.)
-Connect with your wider awareness or Higher Self.
-Be guided to different points of your consciousness.
-Be guided to transform different causes relating to your issue.
-You will learn self hypnosis, anchor words to navigate different levels of hypnosis at home.
   The 4 foundational anchors are :
     – ‘Peace’ : Light level of trance, light meditation, inner focus.
     – ‘Deep’ : Deep level of trance, deep relaxation, faster regeneration, experience anaesthesia and pain management.
     – ‘High’ : Connection with your Higher Awareness. From here you connect to higher levels of consciousness, soul, spirit guides, dimensions etc
     – ‘Heart’ : Heart coherence and activation. Cellular intelligence and epigenetics.
     – (You may receive more anchor words, depending on your unique session.)

This session is based on the Simpson Protocol and shamanic healing. Instead of the shaman going on your behalf, YOU go on a healing journey.  Whether your normal awareness understands this or ‘believes’ in this, is not an issue. However it’s your openness and willpower that allows the process to happen (I cannot do it for you, I just give instructions and am there to help every step of the way).

The Simpson Protocol is designed to work with the deepest levels of trance known as the ‘Esdaile state’ and deeper. You barely have to speak to me in the process. Your Higher Awareness communicates to me through body signals (usually the fingers). In this way deep trance is maintained. The protocol consists of a specific order of questions that I ask your Higher Awareness. These questions take you through a journey and cover early memories, past life, soul level, akashic, bardo, dimensions etc. Your Higher Awareness knows exactly where to go and will probably take you to places your normal consciousness never considered to look.

Trance/hypnosis practice is like exercising a muscle. Every time you enter hypnosis, you go deeper and more easily.
The 2nd session provides the opportunity to go deeper and to explore other techniques, including techniques where you do more speaking.

The 2nd session is optional but recommended when:

1. We weren’t able to complete the Simpson Protocol during the 1st session (very rarely happens).
2. For people who have a physical issue. In the 2nd session we work more intently at the cellular level.
3. For people who have a long standing issue that the first session didn’t completely resolve. In the 2nd session we experiment with more specific techniques . You will learn direct, personal tools and skills to resolve your issue. Once a foundation and a connection with your Higher Awareness has been established in the 1st session, I have found that more specific techniques work much better.
4. For people who are very new to meditation and hypnosis,  the 2nd session reaffirms and strengthens the experience of connecting with a Higher Awareness. (Strengthens the neural pathways in the brain)
5. For people who wish to explore new techniques and deepen their (understanding) of trance and waking hypnosis.

In both sessions we go directly to the source of the issue you have.
In both sessions YOU experience and learn skills of hypnosis for you to practice and continue your transformation at home.

This means that a 3rd session is almost never necessary to resolve an issue if the cause is in the subconscious.

I find that people who come a third time, come because they enjoy the process of being guided in inner self-exploration/ transformation 🙂 There is ALWAYS more to discover. Evolution never ends.

Make sure it’s YOUR choice to come and that you are open to experiencing and learning about your subconscious.
Understand and agree to the .
Watch this video I did on the Subconscious mind click here (This is optional but will save time at the session)

You will be sitting in a reclinable chair for a few hours. The work is internal so there’s not much you need to bring.
Don’t drink too much coffee.
Eat a balanced meal.
Be sober. (Of-course, take your prescription medicine if you have this.)

At the session, we will talk a bit prior to the hypnosis. I will answer any questions you may have and get to know your background and reason for coming.
A blanket will be placed on you for the hypnosis part.
I will guide you to and through your subconscious.
All you have to do is sit, choose to be open to the experience and follow my guided instructions.
(Corona hygiene regulations are further down this page.)

I’m ready to book my session.

You must be 18 years old or more and agree to this Client Agreement.

Contact me if you can’t find a suitable time in the booking widget and if you have any questions! (Bookings are full until end 2021.)

Via email :
Send me a message. I also have whatsapp : +32 (0)477068997
If you request a phone call, send me a message so we can agree on a time! This is free of charge. (I am not always available by phone.)


First session costs : €180 and lasts about 4 hours.
All following sessions cost €120 and last 3 hours.
Payment in € cash / € mobile-payment app.
For people with financial difficulties sliding scale is always open for negotiation.


A hypnosis session with me does not replace a visit to a medically trained professional. If you are in therapy or taking medication, consult your doctor first. 


Address :
Populierenlaan 32
2020 Antwerp, Belgium

Free parking is available all over the neighbourhood.
Tram 2 stops at ‘Olympiade’. Tram 6 stops at ‘P&R Olympiade’
Velo Antwerpen are parked at the corner.


– I will disinfect my hands and be wearing a mouth mask throughout the entire hypnosis.
– You may wear a mask, but this is not required.
– During the hypnosis, I will keep a distance of 1,5 m, with the exception of the necessary hands on interventions.
– I ensure that all the used areas are disinfected before and after each client.

I conduct the sessions at my private home.
If any of the statements below apply to either of us, the session will be canceled at any time, with no extra charge.
– Experience of any of these (light) symptoms within the past 24 hours. : congested nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, tightness of the chest, raised body temperature, sudden loss of smell and/or taste.
– Have come into contact with housemates or family members that have experienced the above symptoms in the past 24 hrs.
– In the past 7 days, have verified (with a laboratory test) that you have the new coronavirus.
– In the past 14 days, have housemates or family members that have verified (with a laboratory test) that they have the new corona virus.
– Are in a 14 day quarantine because you have come into direct contact with someone who has been verified to have the new corona virus.

Studies have shown that mental intelligence, mental discipline and the ability to follow instructions makes it easier for you to enter hypnosis.

The induction (guidance into hypnosis) I use is gradual (step by step). In this way your conscious, critical mind familiarises itself with the process. The familiarisation allows for more understanding and less resistance. Your critical thinking kicks in when you experience something new. (This is what it is designed to do! It wants to understand and keep you safe.) It will definitely kick in from time to time, even when you are in hypnosis.
Using the state of relaxation in deep levels of trance helps keep the critical mind at ease and not take over your experience.

This is also why PRACTICING after your session is important! Your critical, conscious mind familiarises itself with the process, it begins to understand about the subconscious part of your mind and how to relate/work with it. You basically train it to become your hypnotherapist 🙂 If your meditation/self-hypnosis practice evolves to astral traveling and channeling, it is your critical mind that aligns your intention like a laser, and integrates the information you channel.

The Simpson Protocol is very different to regression therapy and QHHT(which focuses a lot on regression). It works with the deepest possible state of trance that you can enter. It is mostly non-verbal so that you can maintain deep trance and so that your analytical mind isn’t too activated. (You can analyse the session after the session, you will remember it!) Working with the Higher Self in this way allows many more things to happen in a session than just regression! 

Everyone is different, there are also hundreds of hypnosis techniques. Not all inductions(guidance into hypnosis) are effective for everyone. I have taken several courses by now, so I have a quite a few tools in by tool belt. In the beginning this was not the case! Perhaps not using the right induction for you is why your regression didn’t seem to work.

Experiencing hypnosis is a lot like learning a new language. You don’t go to you first Spanish class and say : “I went to a Spanish class once. I couldn’t really speak it, so I’m not convinced Spanish is a language that I can learn.”  This is why a 2nd session is recommended for people who are very new to hypnosis and meditation. It reaffirms the process, goes deeper and gives the opportunity to fine tune techniques that WILL work for you. Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way.

YES.  It’s really possible to resolve underlying challenges in 1-3 sessions. 

Keep in mind, practicing at home after a session is a very important part of the process! Because the word ‘meditation’ is so much more popular than ‘hypnosis’ I sometimes call hypnosis ‘transformative-meditation’. In that way your home-practice is your meditation-practice. They truly work the same way. You will be learning a skill that will be valuable to you for your entire life. 

(I and many other hypnotists around the world experience time and time again, that pain and issues that clients have been carrying around for years dissolve in a single session. This is not a guarantee however. Results vary greatly depending on the situation.) 

The techniques are simple and have been tried and tested worldwide for many years. They have evolved to be efficient. We go to the origins of an issue in the subconscious and resolve it there. We don’t cover up the symptoms, create or analyse stories.-Your Higher Intelligence works really fast :).  A lot of communication happens non verbally.-I work with OMNI direct hypnosis techniques. The OMNI hypnosis institute frequently participates in clinical studies and trials of hypnosis which ensures their quality and understanding of hypnosis. Erich Walker (HypnoCell) and Ines Simpson (Simpson Protocol) whose methods I like to combine are both highly acclaimed OMNI hypnotherapists.-

Success of a breakthrough session depends on how much YOU get involved with the process and allow in. It takes willpower. My job is to help you and guide you step by step through the process. 

NO. Because :

-It’s your choice to enter and stay in hypnosis. -You can exit any moment you wish.- I guide you, but cannot make you do anything against your will.-

– In hypnosis you are 2-3 times more alert than you are now, as you are reading this text.

-Your subconscious has an inbuilt protection system. It wants to keep you safe. It will only accept suggestions that will keep you safe.

-My intention is that YOU experience, realise, know your inner power and use it to transform yourself.


It is a natural process and ability that your mind has right now. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state of mind because you never loose awareness and you never loose your power of freewill.

This depends on what you choose to believe. What is determined, is that your mind and beliefs are powerful, so even if your Superconscious is something you created in your mind, it is powerful and can influence you and your wellbeing. It is also determined that in a state of trance you are able to let go of your limited perspectives, allowing your awareness, your intelligence to ‘see the bigger picture’ and new possibilities. ‘Seeing the bigger picture’ is your Superconscious.


QHHT is a beautiful technique that requires a lot of verbal communication. But for a strong connection with the Higher Self you need a deep state of trance. Most people (without practice) find it difficult to stay deep when they are speaking because the analytical mind kicks in and with it comes (self) doubt and preconditioned thought patterns. QHHT is more suitable and effective if you are already familiar with hypnosis, trance or deep meditation. I do not recommend it as a 1st session. I am willing to facilitate it on a 2nd session or if you already have experience. Send me an email 🙂

You may request a consultation via zoom.

I will only conduct zoom hypnosis sessions once I am confident that you have sufficiently mastered the skills of entering and exiting trance on your own. Otherwise I have no way of determining whether we are truly working in your subconscious or just practicing creative visualisations. -It’s impossible for me to correctly determine the depth of your trance without appropriate physical testing. (I could test intuitively but I like concrete physical clues and cues)-If you are inexperienced with trance, there are certain risks associated by me not being present in the room with you. There’s also a bigger chance that you won’t go deep enough and it would be a waist of both our time. –