Nyasa is a technique that uses yogic hand touch to work with the subtle bodies and chakras. It includes mantras (sound vibration) and color intentions which are placed in areas of the (energetic) body.

It optimizes the chakra system, integrates awareness of the subtle bodies, higher consciousness and promotes regeneration through deep relaxation.

Both the practitioner and the client use hand placements to facilitate energy flow. You (the client) lie down and are guided to place your hands on your body as you breathe, visualize color, or simply relax. I place my hands on your feet or the crown of your head to support your energy flow.

Nyasa uses the energetic and astral body systems (the chakras) as practiced and understood by the Anahata yoga tradition. 
It’s foundational intention is to activate the heart chakra first and allow all currents of energies to be filtered through the heart. This facilitates a state of heart-coherence, activating heart’s intelligence and magnetic field to determine what is healthy and balanced for the client.

The experience between client and practitioner is synergistic. The practitioner does not ‘give’ energy to the client, instead the practitioner supports the client’s own energy flow. 

Nyasa is suitable for everyone who wishes to experience it. 

If you have any physical limitations towards lying on your back, the posture can easily be adjusted.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your nyasa practitioner. A sense of trust and safety is crucial. In the menu is a link to my bio & CV for more background information of my training. 

You can prepare for your nyasa session by making sure you will be as comfortable as possible to lie down for some time.
Wear very comfortable clothing. Eat a small meal. No drugs or alcohol.

At the session, we’ll do a few simple spinal stretches to make the body more comfortable.
I will also guide you through a simple induction to help the mind shift into a trance-state.

I’m ready to book my session.

You must be 18 years old or more and agree to this Client Agreement.

Contact me if you can’t find a suitable time in the booking widget,
if you have any questions
or if you want to avoid online booking systems!

Via email : info@estu.space
Send me a message. I also have whatsapp : +32 (0)477068997


€35 : 40 min session (30 min nyasa)
€50 : 60 min session (50 min nyasa)**

! €5 OFF if you pay in CASH !
Payment in € cash / € mobile-payment app.
For people with financial difficulties sliding scale is always open for negotiation.

**It’s possible to include EMDR or Havening with a 60 min nyasa session


A nyasa session does not replace medical advice or treatment. If you are in therapy or taking medication, consult your doctor first. 


Sessions will take place either at Studio Lijf or Populierenlaan 32.


– I will disinfect my hands and be wearing a mouth mask
– You may wear a mask, but this is not required.
– I ensure that all the used areas are disinfected before and after each client.

If any of the statements below apply to either of us, the session will be canceled at any time, with no extra charge.
– Experience of any of these (light) symptoms within the past 24 hours. : congested nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, tightness of the chest, raised body temperature, sudden loss of smell and/or taste.
– Have come into contact with housemates or family members that have experienced the above symptoms in the past 24 hrs.
– In the past 7 days, have verified (with a laboratory test) that you have the new coronavirus.
– In the past 14 days, have housemates or family members that have verified (with a laboratory test) that they have the new corona virus.
– Are in a 14 day quarantine because you have come into direct contact with someone who has been verified to have the new corona virus.