Tarot cards are tools. The visual symbols and archetypes on the cards form a language for the mind to perceive subconscious information and energy.

A question is asked with focused intention
 and selected cards are laid out creating a narrated ‘picture’ of the answer.

If you’re open and curious about tarot or if you enjoy the process, it’s for you.

The cards aren’t ‘magic’. Your openness and intention guide the insight your receive. The act of deep enquiry and honest self-reflection provides the answers. The cards are just tools to facilitate the communication between your normal awareness and higher awareness.

I only use the Smith-Waite tarot deck, illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith.

One day I saw a picture of Pamela, I looked into her eyes and KNEW I had to learn to read her cards. Soul fam 🙂

Each tarot reader interprets the cards differently and communicates insight differently.
Check out this website and the stuff I share to see whether I resonate with you.

My abilities as a tarot reader come from my Yoga tradition and a personal resonance I felt with Pamela Coleman Smith, the creator of the tarot deck I use. Of course I infuse my readings with my knowledge of the subconscious.

Anahata yoga has an (energetic) code of ethics: First ‘purify’ body and mind and awaken oneness through the heart.  A by-product of the yoga practices is the awakening of the inner (psychic senses). 

Prepare your questions. Have reverence for the process. But also don’t take it too seriously! The future is open.

I’m ready to book my session.

You must be 18 years old or more and agree to this Client Agreement.

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€20 : 20 min read
€30 : 30 min read**
€45 : 50 min read**

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For people with financial difficulties sliding scale is always open for negotiation.

** There is time to do larger spreads like the ‘romantic carousel’ and the ‘zodiac spread’.


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– I will disinfect my hands and be wearing a mouth mask
– You may wear a mask, but this is not required.
– I ensure that all the used areas are disinfected before and after each client.

If any of the statements below apply to either of us, the session will be canceled at any time, with no extra charge.
– Experience of any of these (light) symptoms within the past 24 hours. : congested nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, tightness of the chest, raised body temperature, sudden loss of smell and/or taste.
– Have come into contact with housemates or family members that have experienced the above symptoms in the past 24 hrs.
– In the past 7 days, have verified (with a laboratory test) that you have the new coronavirus.
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