Trance is an altered state of consciousness. MRI scans have shown that, when in trance, your brain functions differently from normal waking, imagining, dreaming and sleeping states of consciousness. You have access to your subconscious mind.

There are many levels trance. The levels of trance that you can enter in deep meditation and hypnosis are essentially the same. Hypnosis is the West’s tradition of self-healing in trance, and meditation is the East’s tradition of self-healing in trance.  ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘meditation’ are very broad terms. So opinions of comparisons differ. There are many hypnosis techniques and lineages just as there are many meditation techniques and lineages. They differ with intention, approach and experience but all share one understanding in common : Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your mind and you can effectively learn to use it and transform it in a state of trance.

Your subconscious mind determines 80-90% of your habitual behaviour. It is where all your memories, conditioned beliefs and (unprocessed) emotions are stored. It is like your brain’s computer hard drive. In trance you have the opportunity to clear out all the outdated mental programs and install better ones. Mostly, deep relaxed states of trance are used in therapy for a few reasons. 1) Your body slips into a natural state of regeneration. If you go deep enough, your body even creates a natural anaesthesia that is safe to perform surgery in. 2) Memory consolidation, the relaxed mind becomes more open to suggestions and possibilities of change. 3) The combination of a relaxed body and focused mind helps you maintain the trance focus for a longer period of time. 4) Delta brainwaves instigate trauma release from the brain. However, relaxation is NOT trance. You can enter trance and access your subconscious mind while ‘awake’. This state of trance is used in waking hypnosis techniques and many yoga techniques.
Deep trance is an insightful and very often transcendental awareness that allows you to experience yourself beyond your body and your thinking. This ‘wider awareness’ is usually called your Superconscious. But it can go by many different names; Inner Wisdom, Higher Self, Higher Wisdom, Supra-conscious, Intuition, Inner Guru, Collective Intelligence Field etc… When you practice entering trance yourself, you practice allowing your Superconscious to guide your way. Your Superconscious awareness does not have the limiting belief systems of your normal conscious awareness. Without these limitations it understands Oneness.  Entering trance is not something that someone does to you. It is a shift of awareness within yourself that only you can choose to take. A hypnotist can only guide.
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